Julien Pradet

Staff Engineer (Focused on Front-End)

I care about kindness and sharing.
I am an empathetic team player with strong communication skills.

Work Experience



Staff Front-End Engineer – 1st online art gallery representing over 10,000 artists worldwide (Scale-up)

As the first front-end developer to join this international company, my role evolved from Senior Engineer in a team of 5 to Staff Engineer with a total of 25 people split in 3 teams:

  • Structured best practices in front-end development (Components, Atomic Design, BEM, automated tests, CI, etc.) increasing delivery by 30%
  • Created & Led technical interviews for front-end team positions
  • Mentored 15 front-end & full-stack developers (trainings, internal meetups, reviews, pair programming)
  • Analyzed and improved WebPerfs and Core Web Vitals (Good mobile LCP from 65% to 87%, Good mobile CLS from 70% to 95%)
  • Proposals & development of tools to improve developers efficiency (RFC, ADR, Roadmaps)
  • Led the Front-End Guild owning the creation and the progressive adoption of the Design System
  • Architect on strategic product projects (product minded feedbacks, progressive delivery, AB tests analysis)
  • Point of contact of other teams regarding front-end



Front-End Software Engineer – A developer tool enabling the usage of headless eCommerce services

  • eCommerce themes & Design System (React, Sass, Apollo, Storybook…)
  • Advanced JavaScript tooling (Webpack, SSR, tests…)
  • Advanced GraphQL API (NodeJS, Redis, Elasticsearch…)

Lead the development of the tooling

  • Evaluted and recommended many of the technologies currently in use
  • Kept the stack up to date, following the evolution of the ecosystem
  • Always watching technologies around the front-end ecosystem (frameworks, bundlers, JAMStack, Web perf…)

Trained developers and provided support to the teams relying on our product

  • Remote and inhouse trainings
  • Support and consulting on client cases
  • Documentation and tutorials
  • Provided easy to follow migration paths



Full-Stack Software Engineer – Developing web applications & eCommerce websites for external clients (React, PHP, Symfony, Magento…)

  • Translated the business needs of the clients into technical solutions
  • Adapted to complex environments using well architectured solutions (Event Sourcing, CQRS…)



Full-Stack Software Engineer – Web Front-Office for one of the Ministry of the Armed Forces's services (PHP, Symfony)



Internship – Developed a platform referencing solutions to improve energy consumptions (PHP, MySQL, Javascript)

Education and Training


École Internationale des Sciences du Traitement de l’Information - EISTI

Computer Science school delivering the renowned Engineer title in France

School renamed to Cy Tech - https://cytech.cyu.fr/


Lycée Louis Barthou

Undergraduate studies to prepare for competitive entry exams to engineering schools

Technical Skills


Programmation Fonctionnelle, Programmation RĂ©active, POO


JavaScript, HTML, CSS, PHP, Java, OCaml


React, RxJS, Babel, Webpack, Jest, Vite, Vitest, Cypress, Svelte, Next

Symfony, Express, Fastify

Conferences (non exhaustive)

How to translate your application for only 1kb of JS


Transforming Storybook into a Design System


Side Projects

Generative art


Generate artistic images from homemade algorithms and code.



A blog where I share my knownledge and experiences related to the web.

Side projects


I often publish new projects on github to have a playground allowing me to discover new technologies. (Animation library, Design System tool, SSG…)

Ter Aelis


Created a community forum using Symfony for an artists assocation.

Additional information


French (native), English (TOEIC: 945/990)


Illustration, Design and Sculpture

  • 2D : Photoshop, Illustrator
  • 3D : Blender, Clay
  • Generative art : Canvas, WebGL, SVG


Lived 9 years aboard: Scotland, Indonesia, United Arab Emirates (DubaĂŻ)